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 Everything You Need to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure 

If you’re worried about crime and theft on your property and in the local area, research shows that home CCTV will definitely help deter crime. To ensure that your home is truly secure then you should install a CCTV system hard wired into your home unlike wireless cameras which can be easily tampered with. As trained Hikvision installers we will mount high definition home security cameras which will give you real control, accessibility and security.

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Home Smart Security Camera Systems/Home CCTV Features

  • View your cameras via your smartphone, tablet or pc worldwide
  • 15 – 100 days video storage with NO subscription fees
  • The latest EXIR night vision and colour night vision
  • Smart intruder alerts direct to your phone
  • From full 1080p HD to 4K ultra HD systems

If you would like to install a CCTV system in Derby, Leicester or Nottingham, contact us today at iHomeCCTV.

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CCTV installation in Derby. Home smart intruder alarms. iHomeCCTV services.

Home Smart Intruder Alarms

Enhance your home security system further by installing a home smart intruder alarm. When someone steps onto your property and activates the home alarm, you’ll receive a push notification on your phone giving you real time footage of your home. You’ll be able to view your property wherever you are in the world, and you will know within seconds if the person is an unwelcome intruder.

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Evidence Retrieval

Not only is home CCTV an effective deterrent, but it is also a useful tool in the fight against crime. If you have suffered a theft or property damage, then you will want to identify the culprit as soon as possible. Leave it to us and our forensic experts will analyse and inspect your data to quickly find what you need, so that it can be used and presented in a formal court setting.

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CCTV installation in Derby. Home automation. iHomeCCTV services.

Home Automation

At iHomeCCTV we can also automate and connect your home to Alex or Google Assistant giving you total control over your entertainment and electrics. The possibilities really are endless and you will be able to access every aspect of your home simply through a simple voice command. Learn more about home automation by getting in touch with one of our CCTV engineers in Derby.

  • Automate your lights to come on at sunset, and even follow the changing dark hours and daylight saving times
  • Ask Alexa/Google to open your blinds or curtains
  • Lock/unlock your front door via your phone from anywhere in the world
  • Burglar deterrent mode

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view my new cameras from my mobile device?

Yes, you will be able to view your cameras from anywhere in the world.

Will I receive alerts if someone is on my property?

Yes, your iHomeCCTV engineer will set this up for you on the installation date.

Do your cameras offer colour night vision?

Yes, we provide the latest Hikvision ColourVu cameras with 24 hour colour video.

Do you offer video doorbell installation?

Yes, we can install the Ultra HD DB1 video doorbell.

How many cameras do I need?

Your iHomeCCTV Engineer will design the ideal system to cover all areas of your property for ultimate coverage and neat, tidy installation.

Do you offer wireless cameras?

No. Wireless home CCTV is unstable and easy to compromise, and so we only offer ultra secure, hard wired CCTV systems from leading manufacturers.


If you would like to learn more about CCTV in Derby, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire, contact us today at iHomeCCTV to arrange a consultation.

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CCTV in Derby. Home smart CCTV systems. Hikvision security cameras. iHomeCCTV.

CCTV in Derby. Home smart CCTV systems. Hikvision security cameras ColorVu. iHomeCCTV.




Chase and his team were fabulous. They were efficient, professional, friendly and couldn’t do enough to oblige. I would definitely recommend them. It was a real pleasure having them here working.


- Steve Moulton


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